DSLR Camera Bag

DSLR Bag // Ebay
I recently celebrated my birthday and I received this gorgeous DSLR camera bag that I had seen on Gemma's blog a while back. I had been on the hunt for a camera bag but was scared if I opted for a more stylish option, the less secure it would be. Thats not the case with this beauty! DSLR camera's, along with the lenses, can be quite a bother to carry around, but I have found this bag has made me want to venture out with my beloved camera much more! 

The exterior is a mock suede effect in a tan colour with a lovely dark purple interior (other colours are available). I can't fault the quality of the bag which is quite surprising for the price! (£12.56 ex postage). The straps are sturdy, adjustable and fasten with two metal clasps which is great if you needed to remove them. The interior padding is the main thing I was worried about but the padding is excellent and also has a removable velcro insert to create 2 compartments which I use to separate my camera with my lens. 

All in all, I am more than happy with this bag. I can now venture out with my camera in style! Don't forget to check out the link!



All from Primark // seen on LOOK

I was very excited when I saw Primark's AW 2012 collection on Look last week showing the new items that are going to hit the shops this coming Autumn/Winter. I've steered clear of Primark recently as the content of the store has become a overload of patterns that are on trend for this summer. But these pieces are much more up my street and am looking forward to getting my hands on a few pieces, especially the Zara-esqu leather sleeved jacket! Gimme gimme!

1: Parka coat £25 / 2: Sheer Overlay Bodycon Dress £15 / 3: Ribbed Peplum Top £10 / 4: Coral Summer Dress (not sure on price) / 5: Tassel Boots £12 / 6: Leather biker jacket (not sure on price)

Anything caught your eye?


Thrifty Finds

I seem to have accumulated a nice collection of charity shop finds recently that I'm quite proud of and wanted to share with you.

1 // Urban Outfitters Lace Playsuit, £5 
This has to be my favourite purchase of the whole collection. A BRAND NEW Urban Outfitters playsuit in a gorgeous black lace design. I couldn't believe my luck when this was just hanging there fashionably waiting for me. Now I would consider £5 in a charity shop to be quite expensive..but this was obviously an exception! Had a few problems with the zip which is how I think it ended up in there in the first place...but all fixed!

2 // Zara Slouchy Tshirt, £2
I really like the Zara tshirts and was in desperate need of some basic tees for this spring. I came across this one for just £2 and its perfect!

3 // Green Bobble Jumper, £2
This jumper seemed reminisent of one from H&M that ive seen do its rounds in the blogging world. It has the same kind of bobble effect and is scattered with pearly beads which you can't see in the picture. I'm really loving green at the moment, which is unlike me clothing wise but i've slowly come around to the idea.

4 // Polka Dot Shirt, £2
I'm a big fan of polka dots so when I saw this shirt, I had to have it. The sleeves are quite unflattering as they're really boxy and stop at an odd place so I'm going to do try some kind of DIY on it!

5 // Black Next Clutch, £1
I am so boring when it comes to clutch bags and don't tend to splurge on them as I hardly go out and can never justify it. But I saw this for £1 which was brand new and tagged! Couldn't just leave it there could I?!

Et voila!



I recently sorted through my book shelf and realised I had quite a collection of ASOS magazines. Each time I receive an issue through the door, I'm itching to rip the cellophane off to see what the designers have done this time! ASOS is a brand that continually impresses me, not only for their beautiful fashion pieces, but the overall look of the brand. Design wise, they really do tick all the boxes in my eyes. Here I have some of my favorite pages from various issues of the magazine. I'm really enjoying the use of the geometric shapes and quirky typographic touches. Can't wait for my next issue! 



Coat: New Look  //  Jeggings: H&M  //  Boots: New look  //  Bag: Gift

It was a lovely day walking around Canterbury, admiring the adorable architecture and popping into the many many charity shops. I was like a kid in a candy a store I tell you! We came across a very large Oxfam which was filled, wall to wall of books, old and new. Unfortunately, it wasn't one of those days (by this I mean coming home with half of the charity shop) and I didn't come home with any gems. Although I HAVE picked up a few delightful bits which I will show you soon!

Anyway, onto the oufit! I finally got to wear my beautiful coat. Can you believe this cost me £10 from New Look? I think it has more of a Zara-esque feel about it, having that straight cut, classic style that Zara always gets right. As much as I love this coat and have enjoyed wearing it, I can't wait for the sun to pop out and stay still! 

Thanks Adam for taking these pictures! x



A lovely peek at the Topshop SS12 Lookbook. S/S could not come soon enough in my opinion. The whole clip makes me giddy with excitement! Love the bold prints and gorgeous pastel colours. You can also shop the looks here.